When will it be save to go back?


Last summer I went on vacation with my Turkish boyfriend and two friends in Bodrum. We ended up in a little fracas over there, which wasn't our fault. We tried to defend ourselves, but ended up getting quite the beating. The hotel staff got in the middle and excorted our two friends out of the hotel.


The police was called and they all took us to the police station for our statements. They seemed to believe our friends and gave us the advice not to charge the others people involved. We didn't and just went home to the UK shortly after that.


Now we have gotten a letter stating that we have to come to court to give our statements against our friends. We are also planning to go back to Turkey within a few months. Is it save for my boyfriend and I to go?

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Answer from Society Of Advocates in Aberdeen

I am afraid we are a professional body for solicitors, so our staff are not legally qualified and cannot help with legal enquiries.